‘Ambulance’ Review: Michael Bay overindulges over-the-top shots in new crime thriller

AMBULANCE (2022) Movie Review
Directed by Michael Bay

We get it, Michael Bay. You like to play with the cameras.

It was interesting to see Michael Bay do movies outside the Transformers franchise. Pearl Harbor and Armageddon were guilty pleasures and it gave a satisfying enough amount of explosions, I mean drama.

Kidding aside, Bay’s latest crime thriller Ambulance isn’t one of his films I can say I enjoyed. I was impressed by the camera works at first but Michael Bay seem to be enjoying them far too much that it’s beginning to feel like a roller coaster ride: nauseating.

But Jake Gyllenhaal gives an impressive performance here. It’s nothing new to him but his acting drives the film, his acting drives the story. Bay either let Gyllenhaal act or let the cameras do the work. It’s frustrating to watch at times.

I do feel that the pitch for the story is, “what if you get to perform a surgery on a moving ambulance with a gun pointed at your head by a bank robber?” I felt that the production was most invested on that sequence. It was crazy to pull it off but they did. But it wasn’t as impactful as it sounds on paper.

Ambulance is crazy. You might enjoy it for the tension and action sequences, you might not because of its over-the-top shots and mediocre story. Michael Bay is a talented filmmaker but this one, despite of its excellent cast, is far from his decent works.


‘Ambulance’ is now showing in Philippine cinemas from Universal Pictures International. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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