#Cinemalaya2022 Reviews: ‘Bakit Di Mo Sabihin?,’ ‘Kargo,’ ‘Bula sa Langit’

Bakit Di Mo Sabihin?’ Review
Directed by Real S. Florido

Representation of people with disability in the most popular genre in Philippine cinema, romance. Outstanding performances from Janine Gutierrez and JC de Vera made Bakit Di Mo Sabihin? even more special. Apart from the themes it wants to present, which are the struggles of disabled persons not just in their daily lives but also in their personal ones, the film is in a way, an accessible view at how romance can be alike from people with and without disabilities.

Their relationship felt real. The quarrels, the warmth of love, the longing, how two people who deeply love each other can grow apart, and how they can not recognize the person they fell in love to. I may not be comfortable at how the film ended but it adds weight to what the film wants to give importance to: the things left unsaid. Bakit Di Mo Sabihin? is an entertaining and informative bittersweet romance drama that tackles our disabilities when it comes to love.

‘Kargo’ Review
Directed by TM Malones

There’s something satisfying with how the film wants its audience to interpret the word Kargo. Because there’s too many interpretations that the film actually presented, intently and subtly.

It’s easy to sympathize with its main character. Having its emotional baggage be visually presented in the most grueling way, Max Eigenmann is terrific in portraying a person who experienced tragedy. The film builds up to its emotional baggage and gradually, as she journeys to her planned revenge, the baggage becomes lighter as life presents what’s more important.

It’s not the easiest film to watch during a pandemic. But Kargo is a rewarding experience because of how raw and straightforward it wants to express the pain of its main character and at the same time, be presented by choices that can lessen those pain. There are questionable, and maybe funny moments but this is what I am looking for when I go to Cinemalaya.

‘Bula sa Langit’ Review
Directed by Sheenly Gener

The themes Bula sa Langit want to explore is admirable and brave, but the film feels a bit undercooked. I really wanted to go deeper into the main character’s mental and emotional struggles. They were presented in the film but the choices in the story of how the character deals with his struggles lacks weight. But visually, I love Bula sa Langit. It’s easy on the eyes and it’s not that complicated to interpret what is going on in the film.

Maybe the film wanted to tackle post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) lightly to be more accessible to more audience. It’s a noble move. But I do wish it had more to show.

Gio Gahol and Kate Alejandrino, together with Soliman Cruz and Shamaine Buencamino did well on their respective characters. They present the struggles of a soldier who has PTSD not only with their partners, but also with their families, in a commendable way. Especially now with how politics has changed the landscape of how people think with their privilege.

Watch videos from the gala premieres of ‘Bakit Di Mo Sabihin?,’ ‘Kargo,’ and ‘Bula sa Langit’ below:

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