‘My Father, Myself’ director Joel Lamangan wants to present realities and not romanticized stories

“Bakit hindi natin ipakita ang istorya na kapupulutan ng aral? Bakit natin kakalimutan? Na ang buhay ay hindi romanticism. Ang buhay ay ‘yung totoong nangyayari hindi ‘yung naitatakip ng katotohanan. Ipakita natin ‘yan. Kasi paano nila mauunawaan ang mga nangyayari sa kapaligiran kung hindi natin ipapakita ang mga tinatagong kasaysayan? Bakit itatago? Ipakita para kapulutan ng aral para hindi mangyari ulit ang karanasang ‘yan,” shares My Father, Myself director Joel Lamangan on the stories he has been telling for the past years during their media conference.

It has been a talk in the internet since Mentorque Productions released the official trailer of My Father, Myself. It got mixed reactions from being scandalous to finally telling a story that’s not told too often. Maybe that’s what the people behind the Metro Manila Film Festival 2022 entry wanted: to show a story that hasn’t been told but should be told for the people to see.

“See the movie first before you judge it. There was no intention to offend anyone in any way. We just wanted to tell a story. A different kind of love. A colorful life of a family,” says director Joel Lamangan.

As for writer Quinn Carillo, “This is not fiction. There was a basis where the germ of the story came from. Some may find some kind of shock value. It’s up to the viewing public as to how they will interpret it when they see it.”

Is there a love that is right? And when does it become wrong?

These are the questions that will give light on a love story or love stories that will unfold in My Father, Myself. Starring Jake Cuenca, Sean de Guzman, Tiffany Grey and Dimples Romana. Directed by Joel Lamangan from 3:16 MediaNetwork and Mentorque Productions. Rated R-18 by the MTRCB.

Watch videos from the media conference below:

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