‘An Inconvenient Love’ Review: How can young love survive today?

Directed by Petersen Vargas

Responsibilities at home, responsibilities at work. How can one still find time for love? Or even to be happy for oneself? These are what drive Star Cinema’s comeback film An Inconvenient Love.

The promise of tomorrow is not as bright when our parents tell us when we’re young, when we still haven’t done that much mistakes and when love is still that ideal and pure. Ayef (Belle Mariano) and Manny (Donny Pangilinan) are probably two of the most grounded characters in a Star Cinema romance movie. They get to portray young adults who are trapped in choosing what’s good for them and what’s good for the people around them.

Belle perfectly portrays the struggles of the working middle class. Do we really get to choose what we want? Or do we follow what our parents want for us, disregarding how efficient we would be in an environment that we’re happy about.

Donny surely knows how to work his charm. His character, Manny, is kind of the fantasy we want to escape with. Dependable, optimist, always there for you, the knight in shining armor, the perfect guy. But what if those traits, one by one, get demolished as the day goes by? Is he still that ideal to be with?

Putting focus on Ayef’s dilemma made the film like it wants to show our vulnerabilities, our desires, our hopes through a person and take all those away just as soon as you’re finally letting yourself be happy.

The film is rough and gentle at the same time. It cherished the moments of its two main characters but also, is aware of its surroundings, aware of the now. It’s like even if the two characters are enjoying themselves, you can still feel the responsibilities they are shutting out for a while.

More than the romance, An Inconvenient Love is a coming-of-age story. And it works because of how good Donny and Belle has become as actors. This is the first time I saw Donny being that vulnerable on screen. It’s like he’s at his most comfortable even in the dramatic scenes. And Belle, those nuances are just perfect, it felt organic.

This is one of the most good-looking films of Star Cinema in terms of cinematography. The tight shots were used in the right time, giving more drama or flair for the mood of the moment to be felt more. Petersen Vargas, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano are at their most mature and best form here. I know the family drama is needed, it may not be as smooth in terms of storytelling, but it strikes. I had a good cry watching and I look forward to more DonBelle in the future.


‘An Inconvenient Love’ is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Star Cinema. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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