‘Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical’ Review: Jaw-dropping musical numbers, familiar heartwarming story

Directed by Matthew Warchus

It’s a hard knock life for little Matilda, isn’t it? Right, wrong musical. But Matilda: The Musical is such a delight. From jaw-dropping musical numbers to its familiar heartwarming story, it’s a win for the whole family.

It’s the type of film you watch if you want to feel good, it’s the type of film you watch if you want to be entertained, it’s the type of film you can watch as many times as you want and still manage to be amazed and bring a smile while and after watching it.

The film is everything 1996 is and more. The energy, how grim Ms. Trunchbull is, how everything is staged, how everything is acted, all my mind can process is “how did they do this?” Such an incredible feat to mount this with just two known actors as supporting characters, a director that hasn’t done anything as big as this, and the product is what probably what writer Roald Dahl imagined in his head when he was writing it.

It is a project of love of the source material. But also something that you can see and feel how they also enjoyed doing it.

While the technical and acting are impressive, the themes the movie tackles are also worth noting. It’s not always we see a movie that tackles bullying, education, youth and family in a refreshing, easily-consuming material that’s also entertaining. Definitely a must-watch film for the whole family.


‘Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical’ is now streaming on Netflix.

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