Morissette Amon leads crowdfunding campaign for film “Song of the Fireflies”

A crowdfunding show for the film “Song of the Fireflies (The Story of the Loboc Children’s Choir)” is being launched on the movie’s Facebook page on June 1, 2023, Thursday, at 8 pm (Philippine time). The one-hour program–which features performances by the cast members, namely: Morissette Amon, Rachel Alejandro, Krystal Brimner, Noel Comia Jr. and the Loboc Children’s Choir–aims to raise money to complete the film. 

The cast and producers of “Song of the Fireflies” (left to right, sitting) Chai Fonacier, Krystal Brimner, Rachel Alejandro, Celeste Legaspi, Morissette Amon, Via Antonio, (standing) Noel Comia Jr., and Cai Cortez. Rachel and Celeste’s company Culturtain Musicat Productions is the producer of the movie. 

“…Fireflies” is a production of Culturtain Musicat, the company that brought to us the musical film “Ang Larawan”. Directed by King Palisoc and written by Sarge Lacuesta, “Fireflies” depicts the inspiring origins of the world-famous Loboc Children’s Choir. The movie was to start shooting in 2020, but the pandemic halted the production, and it languished like so many other projects, hopes and plans in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. In May 2023, the movie commenced shooting in Bohol.

LCC founder Ms Alma Taldo, who is interviewed in the crowdfunding show, is also asking the public for support so that the “Song of the Fireflies” film will reach many, many viewers. Ms. Taldo said, “Make this film a reality to inspire people. We have kids out there who need a bright future, and through your help, that dream can be attained.” Morissette plays the character of Alma in the film. 

Celeste Legaspi, executive producer, added, “It is our hope to attain essential funding through crowdsourcing to finally bring the story of the Loboc Children’s Choir to the silver screen.” 

Also appearing in the crowdfunding show are cast members Cai Cortez, Via Antonio and Chai Fonacier, music artist and Bohol arts and culture advocate Lutgardo “Gardy” Labad, Loboc Socio-Cultural Multipurpose Cooperative Manager Nerea Salig Jimenez, LCC pianist Babie Jala and LCC founder Alma Taldo. 

The crowdfunding show will be available on the “Song of the Fireflies” Facebook page even after June 1. To know more about how to donate visit

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