It’s Aljur Abrenica vs Vin Abrenica in psychological thriller ‘The Revelation’

It’s not every day you get to work with your brother but most importantly, it’s not every day you get to be the antagonist of your own brother.

Aljur Abrenica and Vin Abrenica get to be each other’s nemesis in Ray An Dulay’s psychological thriller ‘The Revelation.’

“The Revelation” is a movie about the discovery of a longtime well-kept secrets therefore revealing an unexpected dark persona.

The full pact, fast phase, sexy crime psychological suspense thriller features four lead casts, Lance, Vince, Gwen and Alex, and their unknowingly interconnected lives.

Lance, a man who is hoping for new beginnings, buys in such a low price a famously known haunted house in the area which sheltered unfortunate fate of past killings. In few days of his stay, he becomes worriedly alarmed with unforeseen sightings and sudden voices he hears at his new house.

Seemingly confused, could it be the unrested souls haunting the house or could it be his past unwantedly re-emerging?

Due to his utmost discomfort alongside his constant search for love and companion, it pushes him to stay mostly out of his house becoming a barfly.

Lance then meets Vince and Alex; investigative officers who are in a probe of what seems to be a serial case of rape killings in the area. Vince is on a desperate longtime personal mission searching for truth behind his mother’s sudden death.

The two are also examining past crime that transpired in Lance’s house. Altogether but each on different capacities, they pave the path in uncovering series of interrelated truth. Search comes to an end, unanticipated darkest secret finally revealed, and justice been served.

Ana Jalandoni, Aljur Abrenica, Jelai Andres and director Ray An Dulay at the red carpet premiere of ‘The Revelation’

Aljur on working with brother Vin

“The best, the best. Actually, plus na lang ‘yun eh. Isa sa mga nagustuhan ko, nakatrabaho ko si Vin (sa pelikula) kasi parang union siya. Kasi kami ni Vin, ‘yung pag-stay namin sa Tagaytay for how many nights, talagang good opportunity ‘yun kasi get together. Alam mo ‘yung magkapatid na matagal kayong di nagkita tapos, reunion! Parang reunion talaga ‘yung experience. Tapos ang dami na pala niyang pinagbago sa buhay in a good way,” Aljur shares.

When asked if there’s a competition between the two of them, Aljur answers “sana nga eh kaso wala. Wala talaga. Maganda nga ‘yun kasi nung bata kami lagi kaming nagco-compete. Ngayon, parang wala, masaya lang kami.”

‘The Revelation’ is now showing in select cinemas nationwide. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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