‘Shake, Rattle & Roll’ makes an “Extreme” comeback

Everything is bigger, everything looks scarier, it may be even gorier than its previous installments.

We were lucky to be one of the few to see the teaser and trailer of the newest installment of Regal Entertainment Inc.’s beloved franchise, Shake, Rattle & Roll titled Extreme. “Extreme” because, as per its cast, exceeds what the previous installment did. It needs to be bigger, modern and would extremely captivate the cinema audience today, because this is a cinematic experience, one that is made for the big screens.

Meet the cast of Shake, Rattle & Roll: Extreme:

The cast includes

• Iza Calzado
• Jane de Leon
• Jane Oinesa (not in the photo)
• Paul Salas
• AC Bonifacio
• Paolo Gumabao
• Angel Guardian
• Donna Cariaga
• Rob Gomez
• Bryce Eusebio
• Elle Villanueva
• Migs Cuaderno
• Esnyr
• Dustin Yu
• Sarah Edwards
• Mika Reins
• Ninong Ry

The three episodes of the “Extreme” installment of ‘Shake, Rattle & Roll’ are: Mukbang (directed by Jerrold Tarog), Rage (directed by Joey de Guzman) and Glitch (directed by Richard Somes).

From the teaser and trailer shown to us, Mukbang is about young content creators who went on to try the food of an isolated rest house. Rage looks like it will feature zombie-looking creatures in a dystopian setting. And lastly, Glitch seems to be featuring a new monster for Regal, from Undin, Halimaw sa Banga and now, a goat-looking demon.

I was really impressed by the trailer. It looks like Regal Entertainment, Inc. is serious in bringing the franchise back. Fresh-looking stories and well-executed thrills.

Shake, Rattle & Roll: Extreme hopes to be part of the annual Metro Manila Film Festival this year.

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