‘In His Mother’s Eyes’ to bring Filipino families closer with its heartwarming story

Maricel Soriano and Roderick Paulate in a family drama that tackles stories about OFW, parenting, a special child, being poor in a third world country, being a mother who has to provide for her son, an LGBTQIA+ stepping up to be a mother figure to a special child, and more. What more could you ask for from a Filipino family movie?

We were invited to a special sneak peek at the Filipino family drama movie, In His Mother’s Eyes. Like other movies with the same genre, the expectation would be something that’s heartwarming. And based from the short video that we saw, I guess it’s enough to assume that it will definitely deliver a heartwarming story for the family to not just enjoy but to also learn from.

Check out images from the set of In His Mother’s Eyes:

The film stars Maricel Soriano and Roderick Paulate as brother and sister and introducing LA Santos in his most challenging role, in his first movie. It may be something that the Diamond Star have already done but it’s something that we want to see more of from her.

This is director FM Reyes’ first feature film. And while he’s known to do teleseryes on TV, In His Mother’s Eyes looks like it was well-executed and directed.

There’s no news yet on its release date but I’ll be definitely be lining up when it opens in cinemas.

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