Marathon the ‘Saw’ franchise movies on Lionsgate play before seeing ‘Saw X’ in cinemas

It isn’t “game over” yet for John Kramer a.k.a. Jigsaw. The iconic killer is back for Saw X, the most intriguing, unexpected, and chilling installment in the cult favorite franchise from Lionsgate Films. Set between the events of Saw I (2004) and Saw II (2005), Saw X explores an untold chapter of Kramer/Jigsaw’s life after he tries an experimental medical procedure to cure his cancer but instead falls victim to a scam. Armed with a newfound purpose, Kramer/Jigsaw decides to teach the con artists a lesson in a visceral way.

With its films grossing over $1 billion worldwide, the Saw movies make up one of the most iconic horror franchises of all time. Saw has time and again pushed the boundaries of horror, giving viewers morally complex characters in Jigsaw and his victims who are trapped in the gruesome consequences of their actions. Its blend of mystery, graphic violence, and shocking twists has helped shape the horror genre into what it is today.

Before watching Saw X in theaters, revisit the Jigsaw universe with a horror marathon spanning 20 years of Saw movies available for streaming on Lionsgate Films’ own streaming platform, Lionsgate Play.

How to Watch the Saw Films in Release Order

Watching the Saw franchise in release order is the most straightforward way to catch up before diving into Saw X, exclusively on Lionsgate Play. You don’t even have to go far, the titles are available on Lionsgate Play in the Philippines:

●      Saw (2004) – Coming to Lionsgate Play on October 6.
●      Saw II (2005)
●      Saw III (2006)
●      Saw IV (2007)
●      Saw V (2008)
●      Saw VI (2009)
●      Saw 3D (2010)
●      Jigsaw (2017)
●      Spiral: From the Book of Saw (2021)
●      Saw X (2023)

After a frightening marathon that’s certainly not for the faint of heart, start your spooky Halloween celebrations early and go on a Saw movie marathon with Lionsgate Play!

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