MOVIE REVIEW: The Love Affair (2015)

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THE LOVE AFFAIR (2015) Review

Yet we have another ‘other woman’ story in our midst that promises to change the way we look at love when we see it. The Love Affair doesn’t care to give its characters to reflect and to repent on what they’ve done. It focuses on relationships as if it can’t grow with the two having their own thoughts and decisions. It’s moving fast and only cares to show the big events the characters share and not the personal realizations the character faces with his or her life.

The first half of the film, everyone is busy pointing on who’s to blame with the actions they’ve done. The second half of the film, it tries to be intense with confrontation scenes. Neither of those worked. And explaining through backstories only made it worse by opening a big plot hole the film actually has. Its hunger for intense sequences writes the characters as though they are bipolar and can’t think without another person’s insights.

The Love Affair doesn’t offer anything new. Yes, Zulueta, Gomez and Alonzo are at their prime when it comes to acting but the story is too driven by confrontation scenes that bores without a good build up. You can only hope that whatever they do next will at least be decent.

The Love Affair

Our rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

2 Stars

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