Andi Eigenmann is Today’s ‘Angela Markado’


“Angela Markado,” a blockbuster komiks serial of Carlo J. Caparas, directed by Lino Brocka and won in a prestigious grand prix in France during the 80’s will make a comeback at the tills and that will be the BIG ONE for Andie Eigenman, a controversial young actress destined to be elevated to superstar status.. soon!

Making it doubly big for Andie is the fact that the biggest name in that genre, Carlo J. Caparas will direct the film from his own novel. He promises that he will retain the gist of the story but will present a different treatment that will shock and entertain the moviegoers from the start to the end of the movie. “Watching the skill and intensity of Andi’s acting prowess, she can deliver the kind of “Angela Markado” in my imagination. A vengeful victim unmerciful and the most brutal woman to invade the big screen that will shock the audience and wrack their nerves. Andi’s powerful acting will make it happen!”

And we better believe director Carlo J., the undisputed master of this craft. Movie people in the know can attest to his pronouncement that after this movie, the bigger and a much better Andi Eigenman will emerge, that will catapult her to superstardom.

“I believe in the project, a by-word and multi-awarded movie by Lino Brocka and now, to be handled bby another multi-awarded filmmaker Carlo J. Caparas. This is really a big one for me. A different kind of drama-thriller-schocker movie, a dream role and project. Hindi ko po pakakawalan at sasayangin ito. Matagal kong hinintay ang role na ito, it’s worth the wait!” Andi narrates.

“At ang huhusay po nang makakasama ko rito. Ang limang rapist ko na paghihigantihan ko!” She exclaims.

It is indeed a big cast, composed of veterans and young actors, all known and biggies in television and movie. Epi Quizon, Paolo Contis, Felix Roco, Polo Ravales and C.J. Caparas are the antagonists/rapists of Angela Markado. Younger ones to join the cast are Mika Dela Cruz, Ysabelle Peachm Bugoy Cariño and Buboy Villar. Veteran actors are composed of Anna Roces, Marita Zobel and the consummate actor Bembol Roco. Brett Jackson will play the role of Andi’s boyfriend in the movie.

Introducing 2013 Miss World 2nd Princess, Zahra Bianca Saldua with the special participation of PAO Chief Atty. Percida Rueda-Acosta and PETA actress Kayla Acosta.

The Dean of Movie Writers in local film industry, Ethel Ramos predicted a monster box-office hit for the project Angela Markado.”Hindi lamang si Andi Eigenman ang naghihintay nang ganitong project, the moviegoing public deserve this kind of film. This is going to make a tremor at the box-office! In the tradition of Carlo J. Caparas and Donna Villa, blockbuster movies that can shatter box-office records!

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“Angela Markado” opens December 2, 2015 in Philippine cinemas nationwide. From Oro De Siete Productions, Inc. and Viva Films.

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