Vhong, Sweet, Rayver, Alex, Janine & Lotlot Headline The MMFF Horror-Comedy ‘Buy Now, Die Later’

      LAUGH hard and scream your hearts out with the ensemble cast of the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival entry “Buy Now, Die Later” — Vhong Navarro, John “Sweet” Lapus, Rayver Cruz, Alex Gonzaga, Janine Gutierrez and Lotlot de Leon.

            The psychological thriller “BNDL” is a different take on the supernatural as each of the character’s story is weaved around the five senses – sense of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

Each of the lead stars represent a sense: Vhong for sense of sight; Sweet, sense of smell; Rayver, sense of taste; Alex, sense of hearing; and the mother and daughter team of Janine and Lotlot, sense of touch.

In the story, the characters strike a deal with curio shop owner Santi (TJ Trinidad), who sells eclectic items that grant every customer’s wish at a hefty cost.

        Vhong is online blogger Odie who dreams of becoming a well-known photo-journalist like his dad.

He buys a high end cell phone from Santi’s shop which gives him a scoop each time he uses its app.  But instead of reveling at the scoops he makes on his website, he ends up solving mysteries behind each of the exclusive stories he stumbles upon.

Rayver, meanwhile, is Ato, Odie’s friend. He represents the sense of taste being the owners of a restaurant called Taste Buds.

He is the first character to strike a deal with Santi. His business flourishes due to a secret ingredient they use in their dishes but in the end, he and his family are made to pay for their greed.

          Alex is Chloe, whose ambition is to become a popular singer sans talent.  With the help of her mother, Maita (Lotlot), she enters into an agreement with Santi. She buys a cellphone from his shop and makes use of an app that makes her singing voice flawless.

As a result, her debut single, “Alive na Alive ang Puso Ko, Dahil Deads na Deads Ako Sa‘Yo,” turns out to be a giant hit.

But then, fame comes with a price. In the end, Chloe is forced to deal with mysterious voices from the app.

Sweet, on the other hand, represents the sense of smell.  He plays the role of the gay Pippa, a fan of Chloe’s music.

Pippa has a big crush on Narciso, portrayed by Manuel Chua. However, the latter is dead set on winning the heart of his sister, Larra (Cai Cortez).

So, Pippa heads to Santi’s shop where he discovers a perfume, a scent that makes every guy he fancies fall for him.

Lastly, Lotlot and Janine represent the sense of touch. As a mom, Maita (Lotlot) asks Santi to bring her daughter’s life back to normal.

Santi makes a counter offer – for her to relive her childhood and pursue an aborted career.  He hands over a cream to Maita which, when applied, brings back to life the teenaged Janine.

Eventually, though, Maita realizes her mistake and turns her back on that deal with Santi.

The film ends with Odie, Chloe, Pippa and Maita joining forces against the evil Santi and his followers.

For the first time, Quantum Films,  MJM Productions, Inc., Tuko Film Productions and Buchi Boy Films gathered these stars to headline their MMFF entry.

These companies are the same producers of another filmfest entry, “Walang Forever,” starring Jennylyn Mercado and Jericho Rosales, as well as the 2014 surprise blockbuster “English Only, Please.”

“BNDL” is the lone festival entry that boasts of an excellent ensemble acting. Five times the fun, five times the entertainment fare.


“Buy Now, Die Later” is under the direction of Randolf Longjas, the same director behind the much talked-about comic indie film, “Ang Turkey ay Pabo Rin.”

For more updates and information on the horror-comedy of the year, follow “BNDL” on Facebook – www.facebook.com/BuyNowDieLater; You Tube – www.youtube.com/user/QuantumFilmsProdn; Twitter: @BuyNowDieLater; or Instagram : @buynowdielater.

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