MOVIE REVIEW: My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore (2015)

My Bebe Love 00

Directed by Jose Javier Reyes, DGPI

Vic Sotto and Ai-Ai Delas Alas are back on working together once again for the big screen and for the first time, brings the phenomenal TV love team, AlDub composed of Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza with them. When the trailer of the film was released, not everyone was impressed. But thankfully, the final product was surprisingly good. Unsurprisingly though, it is formulaic and joins the stack of typical Pinoy romantic-comedy films.

Taking advantage of the cliches, the formula of typical Filipino filmmaking and the chemistry of its artists, My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore delivers the comedy and romance the audience wants and may be even more. The story plays safe but it’s fun to watch because it doesn’t try hard. The energy of the film is high from the beginning until it ends and though it felt rushed, the amount of effort put in getting the film done is remarkable. Even Mendoza, who is new to acting makes so much impact as her character.

It’s disappointing though that the narrative doesn’t feel open to a more sensible approach and the production doesn’t look as grand as its stars. But what most entries to this Film Festival’s does is to give the audience what they want and the film certainly delivered the goods. The chemistry between Sotto and Delas Alas is weirdly effective even with their age and yes, Richards and Mendoza is here to prove their chemistry is beyond the borders of your Television sets. You could wish for a better build up for their characters as partners but with the way they put it, it is adorable and works with this generation.

25 My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore


3 Stars

“My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore” opens December 25, 2015 in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Octoarts Films, MZet Entertainment, APT Entertainment, GMA Films and MEDA Production. Rated PG-13 by the MTRCB.

12 Replies to “MOVIE REVIEW: My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore (2015)”

  1. Though I am an ALDUB fan, I am honestly hesitating that this one is going to be worth it. You know, typical Pinoy movies. But upon reading this review, I guess I have to watch to enjoy this vacation. Haha. Thanks for not spoiling!

  2. I am glad that this film is at least 3 stars. I was scared when I saw the trailer because I thought it was pretty much the whole movie. I am an AlDub fan as well and I will watch the movie because I want to support them. I am glad that in Maine’s first movie she is not pressured into a major role alone and has three others to support her. Thumbs up for an honest review!

    1. There is more than the trailer. Parang sa first part ng movie lang ang plot na yun. Promise. Ganda ng Review! Impressive.

  3. Thank you so much Mr. Nazamel. I was also worried when I saw the trailer but I strongly feel your review has totally changed my perception towards the movie. Either way, I would still watch the movie but it feels so good that a review is somewhat satisfactory.

  4. Awww, Aldub is bankable on TV but let’s see how Beauty and the Bestie ruffles dust to My Bebe Love. Jose Javier Reyes is a certified flop director while Vice Ganda is a consistent undisputed MMFF money charm. So-called Aldub Nation are only good in tweeting and ‘di nila afford manood ng sine. FYI, BATB earned 2.5 million in the first half hour. It’s all about the box office take and Star Cinema is best at it.

    1. Jose Javier Reyes also directed Kasal Kasali Kasalo in case you did not remember. And that movie is a blockbuster hit. As to the box-office returns of My Bebe Love, it’s doing well. 🙂

  5. Is it really good? After the awards night, the film is getting a lot of backlash because of the recognitions they got. I know if HTF (which I loved) wasn’t disqualified, they wouldn’t end up winning 3rd best picture. But the other awards? Is it really worth watching?

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