MOVIE REVIEW: Honor Thy Father (2015)

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HONOR THY FATHER (2015) Review
Directed by Erik Matti

Writer Michiko Yamamoto and director Erik Matti have been producing quite brillant films for the past years and Honor Thy Father is no doubt an addition to those titles. While it may be something different than mainstream films or even Indie films, Honor Thy Father is not as solidly written as 2013’s On The Job. There are plot holes left open until the film ends that make you question things and feel uncertain.

John Lloyd Cruz in a gritty film, we’re sold. But more to that, the film boldly tackles tradition, religion and timely issues such as deceitfulness and the mass’ perception on money. The production is meticulous as to the direction is focused, there is no denying that this is probably the only entry to the Film Festival that doesn’t look mainstream which gives it an advantage as it is edgier than all the other but its disadvantage is that most audience will look for the usual.

Though Cruz’s performance is good, the material seems to be deeper than his interpretation. That there’s more to it. Then there’s the sudden jump to the main plot, the first turning point which enters hugely and uncomfortably that other option doesn’t seem to count. But as you go there, if you can ignore that, Honor Thy Father sits comfortably to be an effective dramatic thriller that sets the bar high for the Metro Manila Film Festival that has no big production, no special effects, no fan-pleaser plot and over the top action sequences to satisfy the fans of John Lloyd Cruz or the fans of the genre. It’s just a one good roller-coaster of a journey.

25 Honor Thy Father


4 Stars

“Honor Thy Father” opens in Philippine cinemas nationwide on December 25, 2015 from Reality Entertainment. An official entry to the 41st Metro Manila Film Festival. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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