10 CLOVERFIELD LANE (2016) Review
Directed by Dan Trachtenberg

Called as the “blood relative” of Matt Reeves’ 2008 monster movie “Cloverfield,” 10 Cloverfield Lane was really a surprise sequel/spin-off. The film though isn’t like its predecessor, using a found-footage technique not that it’s disappointing, the film didn’t need to use it since its story is very different.

And though it has a connection to Cloverfield, the film can stand on its own. 10 Cloverfield Lane isn’t the usual spin-off/sequel/prequel you will see. It makes something little something big that the outside world feels claustrophobic after seeing it. It’s an experience worth your time, it’s smart, gripping, tense and unpredictable. You probably didn’t expect for this installment to happen but you’re thrilled it did.

If you’ve seen Cloverfield and you expect it to have the same treatment, you’ll be surprised at how it differs. Director Dan Trachtenberg manages to make small conversations as tense as life and death situations. The story is simple and the twist didn’t feel forced, there’s so much going on even though the characters are just conversing. Solid build-up on tense, on character development and how the story progresses, it’s a fun and intense experience.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman makes the best out of its little story. Their talents are exposed as you want them to be. The story’s effectivity is from its smart material, strong performances and impressive direction. We don’t know if there’s another Cloverfield in our midst, but we’d like to be surprised like how 10 Cloverfield Lane did. Because it works, J.J. Abrams secrecy for his films works.



4.5 Stars

“10 Cloverfield Lane” opens April 6, 2016 in Philippine cinemas nationwide from United International Pictures Philippines, released thru Columbia Pictures Philippines. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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