Second Round of Hilarious Love Story in ‘My New Sassy Girl’

From the surprise romantic blockbuster South Korean film “My Sassy Girl,” the comical and lovable Cha-tae Hyun is back in his latest romantic misadventures in “My New Sassy Girl.”

                Following the sincere, funny and hapless Gyun-Woo (Cha-tae Hyun), he is now married in “My New Sassy Girl” to his childhood sweetheart played by Victoria Song.   In the movie, Gyun-woo is trying to mend his broken heart after being separated from his love at the end of the first film.  He then finds himself reunited with his childhood sweetheart while mending his broken heart.  In no time, Gyun-woo falls in love once again, marries her and goes through a honeymoon which no man would ever dream of.

My NewSassy Girl Poster_

                “My New Sassy Girl” will soon open in local cinemas on June 1, 2016 from Pioneer Films. 


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