Shaina Magdayao Coaches Derek Ramsay in ‘My Candidate’


“My Candidate,” the political romantic-comedy film that opens days after national election may be the very thing the people need from the noise, the havoc and the politics (obviously) that the election produces.

Ivy league graduate and political scion Congressman Sonny Suarez has all that it takes to become a Senator – except for the one thing that gets you elected: charisma. Determined to improve his lacklustre showing at the polls, his team hires Billie, a smart and sassy life coach. With her at the helm of Sonny’s “personality make over”, he learns to be more authentic and also finds himself falling for his coach.

Derek as Cong. Sonny Suarez clearly needs all the help he can get, enters Shaina as Billie, the smart and classy life coach. Things are about to get personal, very personal as the two slowly builds something intimate for themselves.

11 My Candidate

Know how Sonny and Billie fall in love when “My Candidate” opens in Philippine cinemas this May 11, 2016. From Quantum Films, MJM Productions, Tuko Film Productions and Buchi Boy Films.

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