Upcoming Pixar Animated Films

Finding Dory is almost upon us, opening in a month now (June 16, 2016) but what are the other Pixar Animation films lined up for the years to come?

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While last year, Pixar did made an aggressive move by releasing two movies in one year, first time for them, that won’t always be the case for them. So, here are the upcoming Pixar Animation Films:

FINDING DORY – June 16, 2016
CARS 3 – June 2017
COCO – November 2017
TOY STORY 4 – June 2018


Two films are expected to arrive for 2020, still untitled, one might be a sequel to one of their films. While Pixar may not have the perfect line-up of films, they’re always successful in the box-office business. We do hope Cars 3 will be a worthy installment since the first one was a little better than average and the second one was a so-so. We’re definitely excited for Toy Story 4 and also hope that it won’t ruin the quality of the first three and lastly, The Incredibles 2, that it will be as fun, lively and do bring something fresh and heartfelt to the superhero genre.

Pixar Animated Films are locally distributed in the Philippines by Walt Disney Pictures through Columbia Pictures.


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  1. I had no idea that there was a Cars 3 coming out! I don’t think I have even seen Cars 2. I saw Finding Dory and absolutely loved that one. They have made quite a few Toy Story movies, but I am not complaining. I love that show. I can’t wait for all of the upcoming movies to come out!

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