MOVIE REVIEW: Lights Out (2016)

LIGHTS OUT (2016) Review
Directed by David Sandberg

From a 2-miute short film to a 81-minute full-length film, director David Sandberg adapts his own work for the bigger screen, with obviously a bigger budget. Lights Out, the short film is an impressive piece of work that does something for the nightmares and it is a challenge to make something small and short into something big and make it still effective.

Lights Out tells the story of a family haunted by an entity that only lives in the dark. As they find out more about the scary things they’ve been experiencing, they realized that their lives are in trouble and that they have to stick to each other as one family.

Director David Sandberg is telling a little story but he presents it with effective scares that is built with enough tension, even though most of them are already in the trailers and clips. There are enough elements in the film that would satisfy the audience’s hunger for scares especially the ones who are afraid of the dark. It just felt too simple and at times, its characters have poor choices that usually makes you want to curse their stupidity. But it’s effective, and when the lights go off, there are chances you might have your own visions in the dark.

Lights Out


3.5 Stars

“Lights Out” opens July 21, 2016 in Philippine cinemas from Warner Bros. Pictures. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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