“Vince & Kath & James” Review: Young Love Today

Directed by Theodore Boborol

You could say that Vince and Kath and James is the only full-on mainstream film among the eight entries of this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival, that may be the case but it definitely deserves the spot of being one of what they call the Magic 8.

With a story that is light, relatable and bursting with youthfulness, Vince and Kath and James is the go-to for those who are looking for something that would brighten their day as it is a smooth romance comedy that has sufficient drama for its characters’ stories. Star Cinema have been doing lots of romantic comedies for the past years, but VKJ though formulaic, feels refreshing to see. Yes, the story is nothing new and that is not the case here.

Formula, cliches and typical stories can work if the treatment and direction isn’t forced, that the story flows naturally, no unnecessary dramas, not using deus ex machina to have an eventful plot/s for its story.

This probably isn’t the first time you’ll read this and it definitely won’t be the last, but Joshua Garcia has a bright future ahead of him and Julia Barretto finally has a role that fits her, the chemistry between the two young actors are tremendous and it adds that flavorful journey of their characters. They might not embody the whole “millennial” generation, but their characters are fun to watch, mostly honest and emits youthfulness, the ignorance, the passion to be someone someday, and that feeling of being unappreciated even if you’re doing your best.

We mostly say that we’re tired of the same old stories, romantic comedies, but if it was done this way, we wouldn’t really complain that much anymore. Because there’s sincerity in the characters, sincerity in the work, in the story and with the direction.



3.5 stars

“Vince and Kath and James” is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Star Cinema. An official entry to the 42nd Metro Manila Film Festival. Rated G by the MTRCB.

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