“The LEGO Batman Movie” Review: Genuine Laughs from Start to Finish

Directed by Chris McKay

Coming off as a successor to the 2014 critically and box-office hit The Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie is as crazy inventive with its humor as its predecessor. Not only that it incorporates itself with other characters from the DC universe but also characters that are within the Warner Bros. company, and the film feels like it was enjoying itself poking fun at every chance it gets to make everything crazy funny.

The movie talks about family, about teamwork, about egos and mostly about being attached to someone. It is a personal film that doesn’t feel forced, everything was played at well, the humor is not new but smart and very effective as it covers not just the DC universe, it even mentions outside the comic books or even its rival, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, The Lego Batman Movie is not included in the DC Extended Universe but it is kind of refreshing for the film to mention its main opponent whether in comics or in movies.

This is the Batman movie we deserve. It may not be as dark or complex as Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy but it gives Batman’s superhero brand the same meaning. The main character may be a confused self-centered rich man, but the film doesn’t complicate things too much and easily explains what its characters are dealing with through the fun process it presents.

From the puns to the mockeries, The LEGO Batman Movie gives you the best laughs inside the cinema. It feels like three movies in one: the story of Batman, the story of Batman and Robin, and the story of Batman and the villains of Gotham. While it may deal with deep personal problems, the film presents it fit for the whole family, and the humor feels like it is not limited to anything, even breaking the fourth wall.




“The LEGO Batman Movie” opens in Philippine cinemas February 9 from Warner Bros. Pictures. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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