“A Cure for Wellness” Review: Short on Scares, Visually Grand Mystery Thriller

Directed by Gore Verbinski

There’s something weirdly satisfying about A Cure for Wellness. Not the story, no, but its eerie atmosphere when it tells its story, from the visuals to music, the feel does not shift even if the scene is day time or night time, director Gore Verbinski made sure that the feel of the film is odd.

Not that the film is satisfying as a whole, it just takes unnecessarily too long for the story to move forward, having a lot of useless but visually interesting stops that plunges you into its bizarre atmosphere. There’s something grand about its mystery that gives you a the feeling of being in a big nightmare but still wants to stay and explore.

The delight here though is that you get to be transported to somewhere unfamiliar through its storytelling, a place where you’ll feel strange and lost. Dane DeHaan effortlessly drove the film’s madness into something watchable and even though the story wants to be different but ends up giving the same twists and turns as other mystery thrillers, the film still closes decently.

A Cure for Wellness is tedious to watch but at times gives you something visually amusing that you somehow have that feeling of tasting something weird and familiar. It might not all be worth it but some of it stays and creeps inside of you.



3 stars

“A Cure for Wellness” is now showing in cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox, locally distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Rated R-16 by the MTRCB.

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