“Hidden Figures” Review: Exciting, Uplifting and Highly Entertaining

HIDDEN FIGURES (2017) Review
Directed by Ted Melfi

In a time where not just colored people but colored women are looked down for their color and gender, Hidden Figures is an inspiring and uplifting drama that defied what gender or your color mean in your capability.

Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janella Monae drives this historical drama that is highly entertaining from start to finish. From dealing with color and gender discrimination, to gracefully being heard of and making a mark for themselves and their group, the trio of math whiz makes the film one of the best and most uplifting experiences you get to have in a cinema. There’s a just a lot of reason for them to be down but those reasons doesn’t get to them, because they are experiencing what is already impossible, flying a man into space.

It’s just thrilling to watch something that isn’t just a story but also an advocacy that you want to push. Hidden Figures wants to present a situation wherein there’s oppression to these women, not just because of their gender, but also their color. It’s a look at how things were back then, how unfair it was, and how things should be different from now.

Al Harrison (Kevin Costner), is that hero for these women, it may not be shown in a grand damsel-in-distress way but, stating that there’s no room for unfair treatment in progress is something empowering for everyone.

Hidden Figures is an exciting, inspiring, uplifting and highly entertaining drama. It’s a real crowd-pleaser that doesn’t overdo the dramas and has the right amount of humor.




“Hidden Figures” is now showing in Philippine cinemas from 20th Century Fox, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Rates PG by the MTRCB.

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