“Ghost in the Shell” Review: Decent Story, Stunning Visuals

GHOST IN THE SHELL (2017) Review
Directed by Rupert Sanders

From Snow White and The Huntsman to Ghost in the Shell, Rupert Sanders continues to prove he has the eyes to direct films that presents stunning visuals, but are those enough to keep you seated comfortably all throughout the movie?

The story is quite decent, it is your typical science fiction action movie, but the film has Scarlett Johansson, and even with all the whitewashing controversy, the actress does her character well. Her character Major, drives the story in a not-so exciting way that everything feels uneventful. Sure, the visuals might be your top reason to see the movie but the overall experience is disappointing.

It is sadly becoming Sander’s trademark in his movies, so-so movies but cool visuals. There’s a lot of potential in his films but clearly, the focus is more on how the film would look, it’s stunning, yes, but it feels empty. Ghost in the Shell is a fair popcorn flick, your eyes will feast on its graphics and will enjoy its impressive action sequences.



2.5 stars

“Ghost in the Shell” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide in 2D, 4D and IMAX 3D from United International Pictures, released through Columbia Pictures. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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