“Luck at First Sight” Review: More Than Luck, More Than Romance

Directed by Dan Villegas

Luck at First Sight, you may think the story may be similar to that romantic comedy film starring Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine, but it is actually quite different. From the story of Neil Arce and Bela Padilla, the film is more than just about luck, it is more than just about romance. Luck at First Sight works because it doesn’t oversell everything it wants to tell, it’s just telling a story of two people trying to do something to make their lives better.

The chemistry between Padilla and Rosales is undeniable, while the film doesn’t present much “kilig,” it really isn’t the purpose of the whole movie. There’s much to the film than just your typical mainstream romantic comedy that tries to sugarcoat everything and then resort to melodramatics on its confrontations.

The core of the film grasps strongly on the story of Diane (Padilla), a hardworking daughter from the beginning until the end of the film. And as simple and cliched as it may sound, she tries to do everything for the sake of her father, of their lives. Everything the film wants to show ends up with what its characters’ goals are, and even if people gamble, they do it for something bigger than them.

Rosales as Joma may not be his best role but he portrayed it well, there’s not one scene where you can’t admit that he’s perfect for the role. From the fun Joma to the hopeless and down Joma, you can feel that you’re not just watching a character, it’s a person you know from somewhere.

This is not your typical romantic comedy film, this movie does not sell a “kilig” love story. But there’s nothing wrong about that. Because from start to finish, everything was pleasantly directed, the story was told smoothly, there are no big dramatic scenes, not even the quotable quotes felt forced. This is a story of two people who found luck and deal with the consequences of it, whether gambling something big or the romance that came with it.

3 Luck at First Sight


3.5 stars

“Luck at First Sight” is now showing in cinemas nationwide from VIVA Films and N Squared Productions. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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