“A Silent Voice” Review: More Than Just The Effects of Bullying

Directed by Naoko Yamada

Bullying is quite an odd theme for an animated film to feature but A Silent Voice seem to think otherwise.

With a beautiful animation and relatable characters, A Silent Voice is more than just an entertainment to the audience, it is a story that also tells a lesson, bullying. But what makes A Silent Voice even more astounding is it doesn’t just tell the story of the person who is being bullied, it tells every story of all the individuals involved.

The pain of the bully and the courage of the one being bullied. There are more to learn and to realize in the film. From how we are treated inside our homes sometimes reflects our actions outside, the attention we give to someone is mostly because we aren’t getting any attention from the ones that are precious to us.

The film tells more than just a story, it tells the way people are and what are the effects of our actions. And that maybe, we could fix it. That it is up to us how we treat each other, so that maybe, no one will feel alone, or hurt.

A Silent Voice gives more than just a voice. It gives realizations, hope and courage for a better relationship with other people. Those who may turn out to be surprisingly good friends. The film is exactly what we expect, what we want, and what we need.

15 A Silent Voice



“A Silent Voice” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Pioneer Films. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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