Controversial Film “Bubog” Tackles War Against Illegal Drugs

Bubog, the crime drama film wherein Baron Geisler and Ping Medina had been replaced for their controversial confrontation where Geisler peed on Medina without the consent of the latter during their shoot made noise around social media and around the film industry, will be getting its nationwide release soon.

The film got an R-18 rating from the MTRCB for its violence and drug related themes, not suitable for people below 18 years old.

The film stars Julio Diaz, Elizabeth Oropesa, Jackilou Blanco, Juan Rodrigo, Alan Paule, Menggie Cobarrubias, Janice Jurado, Jak Roberto, Karl Medina, Kristoffer King, Kiko Matos, Chanel dela Torre and introducing Jemina Sy.

Here’s the synopsis of the film:

Efren Aguilar knew this day would come. He felt it, he might have even tasted it.

An asset of police authorities as well as criminal syndicates, it was only a matter of time before Efren’s luck runs out. He pleaded, he reasoned out, he cried for mercy, but Robert Andrade would hear none of it.

In an execution style practiced by the members of the syndicate who are from within the police organization, Efren’s final straw of luck came with a package that silenced him completely.

It was just days before the assumption in office of newly-elected leader Ronaldo Delgado, Efren paid the ultimate price when he decided to expose the real operatives of the syndicates, the ones who made it possible for an illegal trade to proliferate. A month before the scheduled oath of office for Delgado, talks about a matrix, a list unmasking everyone involved in illegal drugs has already circulated, disrupting the apparatus on the streets, jolting major pipelines and shaking the very soul of production and sale of illegal drugs in the Philippines.

What happened next is a series of kill that hid behind the legitimate police operations and the rise of vigilantism that both conceal the real intention: to silence everyone in the know and to protect everyone in the take.

Can this war be really won when those with the badges of authority and power are the ones involved in the proliferation of illegal drugs?

Bubog tells a story that spares no one.

Bubog Poster

“Bubog” is directed by Arlyn dela Cruz, the woman behind Maratabat and Mandirigma. From Blank Pages Productions in cooperation with Asian Premiere Resources Trading Corporation. In cinemas soon.

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