“Can We Still Be Friends?” Review: Setting Up Moods, Relationship Struggles

Directed by Prime Cruz

After their successful pairing in Always Be My Maybe, Arci Munoz and Gerald Anderson reunite for the romantic film Can We Still Be Friends?

From the title itself, Can We Still Be Friends? tells the story of a couple, being together for years and already living on the same roof. But time will test their relationship and all must end. But as they say, you’ll only realize what you had when they’re gone. And some relationships take more than just breakups to forget.

Can We Still Be Friends is simple, but its themes are affecting. How it tackles the struggles within a relationship, getting complacent and tired of giving efforts for romance, they’re closest to the truth. Director Prime Cruz, while jumping from independent films to mainstream movie, you can still feel that this is his film. From the quiet scenes to perfectly setting up the moods (rain, color, songs), Can We Still Be Friends is a great representation of how relationships can leave a mark that will forever stay. And how that mark will make you realize that the problems becomes less if you’re sharing it with someone special.

Arci Munoz and Gerald Anderson effectively play their roles as a longtime couple who’s going through tough times because love wasn’t enough.

The film is a proof that even without visually eventful scenes, the quietness works, when a character pauses for something emotional works. There’s no need for melodramatic scenes. Just give the characters sincere dialogues, no need for twists and turns. It might be simple but it works.

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“Can We Still Be Friends?” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Star Cinema. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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