“American Made” Review: The Tom Cruise We Want

AMERICAN MADE (2017) Review
Directed by Doug Liman

Tom Cruise and Doug Liman reunite in a film based on a true story about airplanes, drugs and the government.

The film tells the messy life of Barry Seals, leaving his decent but boring job flying planes to transport people to flying planes for the CIA. It’s a man thing to provide better for his family and to feel more relevant in this big, big world. A huge ego he might have, but Seals has a good intention in everything he does. But good intentions don’t get you to good places all the time, especially if it involves illegal things.

American Made doesn’t feel like a big Hollywood blockbuster film, but that’s a good thing. The film keeps it small in spite of the scope, which flying from North America to South America is included. It’s your typical Tom Cruise charm in a film that doesn’t feel like it is hardly selling a blockbuster movie. The structure is straightforward and the characters are fascinating.

Tom Cruise played Barry Seals genuinely. It may not be as far different from the past roles he has done, but he made it look and feel like someone who’s real. Cruise may have had bad choices especially in meddling with the story of a film but this isn’t one of them.

American Made is fun, insightful, and often times crazy as it presents the dangers Seals get into and how he confronts them instantly. The film is an insightful story of the risks but also the insane adventures Seals have gone into getting in the business, from the high-profile personalities he met to being involved that led him to getting in prison. It is right and wrong at the same time, having the intentions of a better life for you and your family in the wrong way.

American Made



“American Made” opens in Philippine cinemas September 13 from United International Pictures Philippines, locally distributed by Columbia Pictures. Also available in IMAX. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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