“Mga Gabing Kasing Haba ng Hair Ko” Review: Following the Story of Three Transgenders

Directed by Gerardo Calagui

Transgenders in Philippine cinemas are presented as clowns or as someone who dresses because they like to express themselves through fashion but in this film, we see three characters who has a journey of their own, three characters who are just human, trying to live, for others and for themselves.

The film starts introducing our three protagonists, Tuesday (Matt Daclan), Amanda (Anthony Falcon) and Barbie (Rocky Salumbides). The three work as massage therapists in Manila but they offer something “extra” for them to earn more. We see the story of Tuesday who is looking for love, Amanda, the bread winner of his family who goes home to his province, and Barbie, who isn’t afraid of trouble just to earn more.

The stories of the three stars are engaging. It may not be big and bold but the will to get what they want for the reasons they have is evident with each characters. You get to watch stories that transcends what is really happening. The surprises and possibilities of life and how emotional it could get.

Daclan, Falcon and Salumbides’ performances are all praise-worthy, even if Salumbides is that big, there isn’t a hint of them being straight. Director Gerardo Calagui knows what to put in his first feature film to visually and emotional thrill the audience. It’s funny, heartwarming but also heartbreaking.

Mga Gabing Kasing Haba ng Hair Ko is an insightful story of transgenders. That they’re not as different as straight or gays, they’re experiencing life the same way we all do. The struggles and goals that we go through every day and the surprises life offers along the way.

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