“Deadma Walking” Review: Guzman, Gamboa Shine in a Funny & Heartwarming Movie


DEADMA WALKING (2017) Review
Directed by Julius Alfonso

“Hindi lang pala romantic ang soulmate, pwede rin palang soulmates ang dalawang kaibigan.”

Joross Gamboa and Edgar Allan Guzman have both played gay roles in their previous projects, but as supporting roles. In Deadma Walking, we see them in the spotlight, having their deserved exposure and screen time, showing their amazing talent.

In the film, John (Gamboa) discovers he’s terminally ill with cancer and decides to fake his death to witness his own funeral with the help of his best friend Mark (Guzman). How deep their friendship is presented as well as the challenges they overcome together.

Both Gamboa and Guzman shine in the film. Having a heartwarming story that also boasts hilarious comedic dialogues, Deadma Walking will surely entertain its viewers. What the film lacks though is a decent execution, everything feels as if it was a TV special or a movie made for TV. The story feels big emotionally but visually, it just feels small.

The dramatic scenes are big, the punch lines and humor here are effective, but Deadma Walking lacks the power to feel eventful. It feels as though the film is just passing by our Metro Manila Film Festival experience, not one that lasts.

Deadma Walking


3.5 stars

“Deadma Walking” is now showing in cinemas nationwide from T-Rex Entertainment. Rated PG by the MTRCB. An official entry to the 43rd Metro Manila Film Festival.

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