Pelikulas in 2017, Part 2: Suspense Thriller Winners

It has been a win for horror, suspense thriller this year. From local to international cinema, audiences can’t seem to get tired of screaming and shouting, hungry for a suspenseful experience. Here are some of the horror films that made us shookt last 2017.

5. BLOODY CRAYONS (Topel Lee, July 2017)

Rumored to have been recast three times and have long been delayed due to casting and production problems. But Topel Lee’s Bloody Crayons offers a decent story and pretty effective thrills for the viewers. The cast delivered well their characters and the film presented these characters as youthful as possible, with a suspenseful climax that’s hard to find in Philippine cinema these days. So, aside from It, here are the horror/suspense thrillers that caught our attention:

4. SATAN’S SLAVES (Joko Anwar, December 2017)

Knowing that it has been Indonesia’s highest-grossing horror film of all time, Satan’s Slaves easily caught my attention. But upon watching the film, the scares, the story, the visuals, boy, it’s not surprising why the Indonesians are raving about it. Joko Anwar’s remake of the 1982 cult classic effectively gives the audience the scares, the thrills, the much needed time to breathe in between the horrors. And it focuses on family which Filipinos can comfortably relate to. If you’ve missed this gem, it’s your loss.

3. ANNABELLE: CREATION (David F Sandberg, August 2017)

When Warner Bros. announced a follow-up to their mediocre spin-off Annabelle (2014), it felt like it was completely unnecessary but when David F Sandberg hop in to direct the film, maybe we should give it a chance. And thankfully, we did. Annabelle: Creation is a welcome addition to The Conjuring universe, offering a satisfying story and scares that would creep you out even when you leave the theater.

2. BAD GENIUS (Nattawut Poonpiriya, October 2017)

Okay, this may be weird, but Thailand’s hit film Bad Genius is also a thriller. You’ll know when you’ve watched it. Another box-office hit outside the Philippines invaded our country. And the film didn’t need any promotion as the movie is fun, exciting, suspenseful and smart. The film runs more than 2 hours and yet we can’t leave our seats even if we badly need to pee.

1. MOTHER! (Darren Aronofsky, September 2017)

Think out of the box? More like think like there’s no box. Darren Aronofsky’s horror thriller is what you can literally call mind fuck. It’s free from formula, it defies logic, but still capable of engaging its audience. Plus, Jennifer Lawrence’s performance is just jaw-dropping. Yes, it’s not for everyone, but if you dig it, it’s just a crazy wild cinematic ride.


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