Filipino Footballer Simone Rota Shares his Life Story in “Journeyman Finds Home” Documentary

We were invited at the special screening of the award-winning documentary Journeyman Finds Home: The Simone Rota Story sponsored by the Davao Aguilas Football Club (DAFC).

The full-length documentary film is about Simone Rota, an Italian footballer with Filipino roots currently in the football national team popularly known as the Azkals – the Philippine Men’s National Football Team. He is also playing with a Philippine professional football team – the Davao Aguilas FC. The idea is to show the life of Simone, his journey from the time he was adopted in an orphanage in the Philippines and raised in Italy and playing for an Italian professional football club and then coming back to the Philippines after thirty years to play football for the national team. His main reason for playing football in the Philippines is to search for his biological mother. Simone, upon his return to the Philippines, chose to live in the orphanage who cared for him when he was a baby and gives back to the orphanage his time and resources. The documentary will show how football has changed his life and how the same sport led him back to his birthplace and hopefully find his mother.

For Rota, the message of the film is that sport can be a way to inspire the kids to have a better chance in their lives because in Football, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor and for people who have or planning to have kids, because the documentary also tackles the part of his life wherein he’s an adopted child.

Watch our interview below:

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