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“Incredibles 2” Review: Doubling the Action and the Fun

INCREDIBLES 2 (2018) Review
Directed by Brad Bird

It’s been 14 years, 14 YEARS since the first Incredibles movie was released. And it wasn’t just the clamor from the fans that made this sequel inevitable, but also its rich characters that the audience can easily relate to, even if they are animated and have superpowers.

The film takes place right after its predecessor, the Incredibles led by Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl takes on The Underminer and then, people, yet again make a noise on whether the supers really should return or not.

Now, some people from the corporate world wants to bring back the glory days of super heroes, making them legal again and their best bet is making Elastigirl the cover of every super hero job. Now, that’s a bit emasculating to Mr. Incredible, but things actually gets more interesting as to how the shift of responsibilities in their family be more than just who’s the best at being a parent or a super hero.

Incredibles 2 doubles on the fun and the action from its predecessor. It’s basically the same formula but given more depth and more conflicts to give these characters, the Parr family a chance to grow more for the audience.

Brad Bird continues to wow with amazing action set pieces, colorful characters that can get even more interesting and still manages to put family the core of everything.

Incredibles 2 is worth the wait. It may not give us something radically new but this is entertainment for the whole family done right. Not one single sequence is irrelevant or boring, every scene, every frame, it will either make you laugh, make you tense, make you wow, or make you blurt out an ‘aww.’




“Incredibles 2” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide in 2D, 3D, 4D and IMAX 3D from Walt Disney Studios. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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