“The Write Moment” Gives New Twist to Heartache ‘Hugot Feels’

What do you do when the love of your life, the woman you dream of growing old with, suddenly breaks up with you for the most cliché reason of simply growing tired of your relationship? For wedding videographer and occasional movie script writer Dave, he writes a screenplay depicting their happy ending and surprisingly finds himself living out his written story with a mysterious twist.


Such is the premise of the film The Write Moment, which opens in cinemas nationwide this June 27. Produced by The IdeaFirst Company and Viva Films with CMB Films, The Write Moment is top-billed by Jerald Napoles as Dave and Valeen Montenegro as his lady love, Joyce. Unlikely as their pair may be, this ordinary guy-beautiful girl team-up proved to be an effective combination in presenting the poignant yet hilarious scenes of a fantasy love story gone wrong.

Anyone who has suffered a heartbreak, or even those who have a penchant for stories of the lovelorn who still fight for love, will surely relate to the film’s unorthodox “hugot lines” and laugh at the cheeky humor of this fantasy romantic comedy.


Directed by Dominic Lim, The Write Moment was an original entry to last year’s QCinema International Film Festival and it received good reviews on how the movie’s surreal moments took viewers to a “wildly entertaining trip to the dark side of love.” The story itself is an existential journey depicting the realities of life and love, which is perfectly played out by Jerald and Valeen with their own individual flairs and eccentricities.

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The Write Moment opens in cinemas this June 27. For more information about the movie, visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thewritemomentfilm.

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