The Beauty and History of ‘Culion’ to be Featured in Film by Acclaimed Writer Ricky Lee

The team behind the controversial and critically-acclaimed film ‘Oro’ producer Shandii Bacolod and director Alvin Yapan is back with a historical film with the Philippines’ most respected writer, Mr. Ricky Lee.


The film follows the story of three best friends (Anna, Doris and Ditas). Afflicted with leprosy and living like virtual prisoners in 1940s in Culion, they try to negotiate a life of stigma that seesaws between hope and despair, redefining their roles as women, mother, friend, and human being.

A powerhouse crew if you may say. We asked acclaimed writer Ricky Lee who he wishes to play the three main roles of his story. He answers Anne Curtis, Iza Calzado and Judy Ann Santos.

From its teaser, it looks to feature the beauty of Culion while telling its sad history. Ricky Lee and Alvin Yapan have been consistently impressive with their works and with a producer that’s dedicated with her job, it makes me excited to see what the outcome will  be.

Check out our coverage from the ‘Culion’ Media Announcement:

‘Culion’ is targeted to be submitted to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2019 this December. I hope this one gets in because we need a brave story the whole world should see.

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