Meryll Soriano Joins ‘Culion,’ Shares Their Historical Film Deserves a Spot at the MMFF 2019

The three main characters of Ricky Lee and Alvin Yapan’s historical drama ‘Culion’ are almost complete as multi-awarded actress Meryll Soriano joins Iza Calzado as Ditas, the one who has the worst case of Hansen’s disease or leprosy.

She signed her contract with producer Mark Shandii Bacolod.

Meryll Soriano Culion

Her character Ditas, as explained to us, has the worst case of the Hansens disease. She left his fiance in the altar at their wedding because of hopelessness. And with this hopelessness, Ditas tried to commit suicide multiple times but failed.

Will her friendship with Anna (Iza Calzado) and Doris change her mind and bring back hope to her life? That’s one of the interesting things we can anticipate in the film.

But knowing the project, does ‘Culion’ deserve one of the eight spots at the Metro Manila Film Festival 2019, which the film is intended to be sumbitted?

“Oo naman, without a doubt. It (Metro Manila Film Festival) was really made for these kinds of films,” Meryll answers.

True enough, let’s put prestige back to the Metro Manila Film Festival. Let’s not just limit the choices to certain genres. Let’s bring quality back to the Filipino movies where people actually has the time and the budget to watch them.

I really do hope Culion gets in the Metro Manila Film Festival 2019. Because, being part of their journey, it feels as though, I can see how the film will unfold. And it excites me.

Watch out full interview of Meryll Soriano on her contract signing with Culion:

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