‘Sunshine Family’ Review: Fun and Heartwarming Filipino-Korean Fusion Film

Directed by Kim Tai-Sik

Filipino cast with the technicalities of a Korean movie, Sunshine Family’ gets the Filipino family spirit and the quirkiness of the Korean romantic movies we’ve loved.

Real-life couple Nonie and Shamaine Buencamino are killing it in this film. The way they speak Korean, the authenticity of how they played their roles, it’s beyond amazing. And Sue Ramirez and Marco Masa, these two are outstanding, prove they’re some of the best actors of their generation. These four make Sunshine Family felt like a real representation of a Filipino family living in Korea in a tough situation.

We see tough situations as something that will just pass by. Not that we don’t take things seriously, it’s just we prefer to see things lightly and to deal with things in a lighter way. The film may be tackling about a crime but that moment, that dark moment in the family made them stronger, made them appreciate each other more.

You can say it’s a black comedy, having to tackle serious themes such as crime, LGBT, premarital sex, problems about love, family and the film make it seem light, fun and relatable. Though I was kind of disappointed the film lacks breathtaking shots, I was really invested in the characters’ journey. It was a roller coaster of emotions from being sad, happy, kilig, worried about what’s going to happen and then, heartwarming.

‘Sunshine Family’ is the perfect movie to watch with the family. Because although they may be living in Korea, the issues of the Mapalad family will one way or another, be similar to what we’ve been through or have been going through as a family here in the Philippines.

The world is unfair, but as long as you have a decent foundation with your family, you can get through anything. And that’s what ‘Sunshine Family’ is about. And some surprises along the way.

5 Sunshine Family


3.5 stars

‘Sunshine Family’ is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Spring Films and Film Line Picture Productions, Inc. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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