Witness a Deadly Game of Hide-And-Seek in Fox Searchlight’s Comedy Horror ‘Ready or Not’

A wedding night takes a twisted turn with a killer game of hide-and-seek in Fox Searchlight’s new comedy-horror Ready or Not, out in Philippine cinemas on August 28, 2019.

The film takes place on the eve of Grace and Alex’s (Samara Weaving and Mark O’Brien) wedding at the family manor, where the beautiful and spirited bride is welcomed into the Le Domas clan through a traditional family ‘game’.

With the family’s fortune built on board games, Grace suspects nothing of the time-honored tradition and picks the ‘Hide and Seek’ card as the game of the night. However, Grace makes the terrifying discovery that she is being hunted in lethal blood sport by her husband’s dysfunctional and deadly family – the intimidating parents Tony and Becky (Henry Czerny and Andie MacDowell), the troubled brother Daniel and his wife Charity (Adam Brody anfd Elyse Levesque), the drug-fueled sister Emilie and her husband Fitch (Melanie Scrofano and Kristian Bruun) and the mean Aunt Helene (Nicky Guadagni). Pushed to her limits physically and emotionally, Grace fights for her survival and discovers more of her new family’s strange secrets.

At the helm of this soon-to-be cult cdossic are experts of the comedy-horror genre, Radio Silence – a filmmaking trio comprised of directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet, and executive producer Chad Villella.

“We loved the idea that you could take something that’s as familiar and relatable as marrying into a family and give it a genre bend in a playful way – but also in a dangerous and extreme way,” shared co-director Gillet.


Ready or Not is a mix of all things strange, scary, and a tad bit silly. With each gory scene the filmmakers were keen on startling the audience, whether with shrieks or giggles. “Crafting a good scare is actually similar to crafting a good joke. You set it up and there is a punch line,” Gillett added.

28 Ready Or Not

Ready or Not is coming to the cinemas on August 28, Wednesday. Join the conversations online at #ReadyOrNotPH

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