‘LSS’ Movie Review: An Uplifting Tale of Two Dreamers


Directed by Jade Castro

I have been searching for a Filipino film that has the same feels as John Carney’s films like ‘Begin Again,’ ‘Sing Street’ and ‘Once,’ it took long enough, but Jade Castro made a film so warm, so uplifting but at the same time, so entertaining. ‘LSS’ is not only for the lovers but also for the dreamers.

The magic of the songs of Ben&Ben, the journey of Sarah (Gabbi Garcia) and Zack (Khalil Ramos) as a sister, provider, son, best friend, musician, professional, LSS definitely knows what story it wants to tell and how it will be told. That’s what I liked about it, there’s no pretensions, no need for big names, only the material and the execution.

Filipino movies, especially mainstream ones focus on the romance and the family issues of the main leads. Unless there are family issues that are yet to be settled, the two leads cannot be with each other. But with LSS, it’s a different story. There’s still romance, there’s still family issues, but they do not affect each other’s purpose. Because the film believes in each character’s story, Sarah and Zack have their own voices and they get to choose on which issue to tackle first. It’s refreshing to see this kind of treatment to a Filipino story.

It’s also a coming-of-age film, Sarah and Zack journeys to getting through their lives, finding jobs, getting the courage to step up and confess love to a long-time friend and adulting, doing things independent people do.

The film may look lengthy because the story covers three years from 2017 to 2019 but it didn’t feel that way. Honestly, if LSS has a running time of 3 hours, I wouldn’t feel or mind it. That ‘Kathang Isip’ sequence in the movie is overwhelming with feelings, I thought I was going to blow. The film is experiencing life in another point of view, in another person’s dreams.

I only have good things to remember with LSS, I would love to rewatch it if I have the time. It’s good for the eyes and the ears and the story is inspiring, uplifting and heartwarming.

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‘LSS (Last Song Syndrome) is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Globe Studios, Dokimos Media Studios, Inc. and Ben&Ben. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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