‘Block Z’ Review: A Fun and Decently Executed Pinoy Zombie Movie

BLOCK Z (2020) Review
Directed by Mikhail Red

When a Filipino zombie movie is in the works, our initial reaction is that it’s bound to fail. So it’s worth celebrating that we have a decently executed zombie movie that offers thrills, action and a lot of blood. Block Z has what the usual zombie movies have: chase scenes, gore, twists and drama but it is packaged in a very Filipino setting.

It’s not perfect, you can notice some flaws as the story progresses. But the focus and pace of the film conceals those flaws a bit. It’s actually hard to imagine how to execute a good Filipino zombie movie without the usual family drama and the cheesiness of its dialogues and characters but these usual elements of a Filipino movie made Block Z more relatable and more Filipino, and the result of the end product is at times, fascinating.

I honestly had fun watching the film and it’s also exhausting. But that’s the thing, a zombie movie should be fun and exhausting. I mean, you watch characters run from here to there, you’re also thinking what’s going to happen next, are any of the main leads going to die? It’s emotionally and mentally draining but the most important element of a zombie movie is fun. And Block Z isn’t short in fun.

Director Mikhail Red definitely knows the market. What’s needed in the story and how to execute it. Block Z is actually also a fan service. Not just for the fans of the genre, but also for the fans of the artists. You can see all the artists get highlighted in the film, from the action and drama to romance, Block Z gives its audience their money’s worth.

There’s just no way you won’t enjoy the movie because it’s built to be that: pure entertainment.

29 Block Z


3.5 stars

‘Block Z’ opens in Philippine cinemas January 29, 2020 from Star Cinema. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

Watch our coverage during the red carpet #BlockZPremiere below:

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