#MMFF2019 Top Grosser ‘Miracle in Cell No. 7’ Now Available on Google Play Movies

The highest-grossing film of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2019 is now available for rent and for purchasing at the Google Play Movies.


The film, starring Aga Muhlach, Bela Padilla, John Arcilla, Joel Torre, JC Santos and introducing Xia Vigor, is a local adaptation of the hit 2013 South Korean movie with the same title.  Directed by Nuel Naval from VIVA Films.

Aga plays a mentally-ill man who is wrongfully charged with sexually assaulting and murdering a little girl who happens to be the daughter of a high-ranking official (Tirso Cruz III). Joselito, the character played by Aga, has a very loving daughter named Yesha (Xia Vigor) who is left with nobody now that he is in prison. In all his innocence, Joselito wishes to be with Yesha even in prison. With his fellow inmates already softening up on him, they device a plan to smuggle his young daughter inside the cell. Their success in pulling it off, the bond that is formed between Joselito and the men, the affection they have for the little girl, and how she brings out the best in them — all these put together may be the miracle in cell no. 7.

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