Daniel Padilla and Joshua Garcia in Actor’s Cue for #ExtendTheLove Initiative

Box office superstar Daniel Padilla will discuss his craft as an actor in a special edition of Actors Cue for the #ExtendTheLove initiative this May 22, Friday, LIVE 7PM at fb.me/ExtendTheLove.

He’ll talk about his films and his passion as an actor.

Padilla will be joined by another young showbiz royalty for Actors Cue Series 10. 

Versatile young actor Joshua Garcia will join the panel to talk about his films and process as an actor in a special edition of Actors Cue for the #ExtendTheLove initiative.

They will also be in the company of Zanjoe Marudo to be moderated by filmmaker Adolfo Alix Jr. The event is for the benefit of the displaced film workers affected by the quarantine. 

#ExtendTheLove is an initiative to help displaced film workers that are affected by the lockdown because of the pandemic. It started by screening films online and then through live sessions related to film.

ACTORS’ CUE is an online session where actors talk about their work and passion. Already in its 10th session, previous sessions featured acclaimed actors and actresses including Cannes Best Actress Jaclyn Jose and one with Asian actors with Piolo Pascual.  

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