‘My Gear and Your Gown’ Episode 6: Romance Brewing, New Conflict Unfolding

We’re now on the sixth episode of the Thai boys’ love series ‘My Gear and Your Gown’ exclusively streaming on WeTV and iflix and we’re getting to know Itt, Pai, Pure and Waan better and better. Each friendship has their own highlights, Pure and Waan are getting more comfortable being close and Itt and Pai are being too concerned for each other, they might want more than friendship from one another.

Itt (Marc Pahun) is still grieving with the loss of his mother, but Pai (Win Pawin) gives him a sort of hope to keep on living: making his mother’s dream of him being an engineer come true.

I love that the series isn’t your typical two boys falling in love. It tackles family and socially relevant issues like HIV and poverty. Itt may not be that poor but he’s going through something on his own and at a young age, he wants financial freedom. But I do hope he will patch things up with his father.

I do love the slow development of the romance between Itt and Pai, because you get why they want to be with each other. You get that they are connected more than just the physical, Itt thinks of Pai as someone who looks at him different, someone who really cares for him and his future. And Pai thinks of Itt as someone who’s part of his life, that he wants Itt to be someone who fulfills his dreams and he wants to be there when he does.

But now that Itt improves with his studies and as per their agreement in the past episode, the academic club will now own fully the room they and the sports club have been sharing. What will happen between the friendship of the two?

My Gear and Your Gown streams exclusively on WeTV and iflix every Monday at 8PM.

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