From pandemic worries to kilig in BL Series ‘Boys’ Lockdown’

I know, the fourth episode was already out for paid advance screening but I just want to write about how the third episode of Boys’ Lockdown delivered the tears and the kiligs.


Let’s talk about that breakdown scene. Teetin Villanueva is a silent monster. You can feel the restraint of her character as soon as Chen arrives at home from his supposed meeting with Key. The tension is there, you can feel that ate Libby doesn’t want to explode all her emotions because of her love for her brother. For some, it may seem too much or that ate Libs is overreacting but the thing is, she’s totally not.

From the responsibility of being a sister, not having parents, the stress from work, the stress from the pandemic and then you’re all worried for your brother, the only person she has during quarantine. You may say that they’re doing just fine, look at their house. Hence her line: ” I know we’re luckier than most but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get hard.”

When ate Libby said that, I felt it.

The conyo sibs of Boys’ Lockdown may seem that they’re relationship may cater to selected audience because of their stature but it’s the other way. If you care about your loved one dearly, the connection is there.

Trademark face mask “natin”

Fate has brought them together again. That’s what’s Chen believes. But with Key not having a quarantine pass to leave and his phone not working, fate is not as good as Chen hopes for. Or is it?

The second part of episode 3 is all about #KeyChen. From dealing with mental health to two boys discovering how the world is smaller than it seems. Key uncovering Chen’s identity as @CCStrong in the social media app Uptik because, as Key’s line says: “trademark face mask natin.” (Go on, smile). There’s just something magical about young love, right? We Filipinos call it kilig but what do you call when it involves two young boys? Are we still allowed to call it kilig? (Pass the SOGIE bill!).

When the two were on that moment in their conversation, you feel that it’s a start of something big for the two of them.


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