Dive in to the world of fashion in Disney’s ‘Cruella’

Fashion is Cruella’s tool of revenge. Check out this behind-the-scenes new look with Emma Stone, Director Craig Gillespie, and Costume Designer Jenny Beavan of all the fashion in Disney’s Cruella.

The costumes and the look of its main character Cruella is vital in the film’s storytelling. Emma Stone transforms into Cruella as soon as she wears them, “The costumes do a lot for you as an actor. Once you put those things on, you feel like you’re Cruella de Vil,” Emme shares.

And for costume designer Acdemy Award winner Jenny Beavan, “It was very important to me for Cruella to be Black, White, Grey and Red.”

Cruella is coming to US cinemas and on Disney Plus with Premier Access on May 28. No news of its local, Philippine release.

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