Story of Cairo and Gavreel continues in ‘Gameboys The Movie’

With an intro, “Baby? In ten years, nasaan na kaya tayo?” the movie which will continue the story of Cairo and Gavreel of the hit boys love series Gameboys feels like going to the next step of a relationship, settling down.

Watch the trailer below of Gameboys The Movie below:

The global hit Boys’ love series from the Philippines expands into a movie.  Now that Cairo and Gavreel are finally together, will their worlds pull them apart? #GameboysTheMovie opens July 30, 2021.

The film stars Elijah Canlas as Cairo Lazaro and Kokoy de Santos as Gavreel Alarcon, with Adrianna So, Kyle Velino, Kych Minemoto, Miggy Jimenez and Angie Castrence. Directed by Ivan Andrew Payawal.

While I’m surprised about the trailer, I’m more surprised that they actually have a release date already. But this means that they’re not anticipating a theater release but only through video on demand websites.

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