Christine Bermas is the ‘Moonlight Butterfly’ in Joel Lamangan’s latest sexy drama movie

She’s beautiful, she’s rare, and she’s strong. Christine Bermas is MOONLIGHT BUTTERFLY. On March 18, exclusively on VIVAMAX, 3:16 Media Networks and Viva Films bring you a movie by Master Director Joel Lamangan, about a girl who has a mesmerizing charm and beauty.

This is the story of Eunice (Christine Bermas) a.k.a Moonlight Butterfly, the hottest GRO in Angeles, Pampanga who works hard to provide for her family, and to support her boyfriend Roy’s (Albie Casiño) education. In her line of work, she meets a lot of men, but only one stands out – Elliot (Kit Thompson), an American guy who actually gave Eunice the name Moonlight Butterfly. He is charmed by Eunice’s charm and sexiness, and he wants her all for himself. He asks her to live with him and stop her work as a GRO. In exchange, Elliot provides Eunice and her family’s needs. Meanwhile, things between Eunice and Roy start to get shaky.

Eunice focuses on pleasing Elliot in every way she can, while she lives with him, and Elliott makes sure Eunice’s needs are provided for. Until a time when Elliot has to leave the country for work and he suddenly stops providing for Eunice. This prompts her to go back to her job as a GRO, and she gets a new client: a mysterious Arab man who was also smitten by Eunice’s charm and sexiness. Coming back from his work abroad, Elliot would find Eunice with another man and all hell will start to break loose that could put Eunice’s life in danger.

After her notable roles in “Siklo” and “Sisid,” Christine Bermas is ready to shine in her first lead role in MOONLIGHT BUTTERFLY. With her sexy body and great acting, Christine easily got the approval of director Joel Lamangan. In an interview, Direk Joel proudly said that he discovered a new actress that will surely make waves in the movie industry for a long time.

Getting the approval of award-winning director Joel Lamangan is no small feat, as he has established himself as one of the most successful movie directors of Philippine Cinema. In most recent years, some of his well-known works are “Felix Manalo,” “Hindi Tayo Pwede” and “Rainbow’s Sunset.” He also directed the successful VIVAMAX Original movies “Silab,” “Bekis on the Run,” and “Deception.”

Be mesmerized with the beauty of the MOONLIGHT BUTTERFLY, streaming online on March 18 on VIVAMAX Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Macao, Vietnam, Brunei, Maldives, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, the Middle East and Europe. And get the best VIVAMAX viewing quality with TV casting.

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