‘Morbius’ Review: Disappointing and boring

MORBIUS (2022) Review
Directed by Daniel Espinosa

There’s no better way of telling how I felt watching the newest anti-hero movie from the Sony’s Spider-Man universe ‘Morbius’: disappointed and bored.

You have the Marvel brand, you have Jared Leto, and you have a material that looks to be more complicated than the usual characters in superhero movies. But the thing is, Morbius doesn’t want to be different. The film doesn’t want to create an identity of its own, it just wants to give you a popcorn flick that’s connected to the biggest franchise in history, and maybe people will go and see it.

The film’s generic take on an anti-hero that came from being disabled to having powers is too plain. I can’t get my interest up even when the action scenes are being shown. I mean, how would I care? You’re just seeing the surface of what’s Michael Morbius (Leto) is going through and it’s not even that interesting. Even the shots, the build up, they’re way too predictable.

Morbius is that film where you can multi-task while watching, play a game, write something, or even day dream, and you still know what’s happening and what will happen.

Knowing Sony’s history with their movies with Marvel, I wasn’t expecting that much. But this is just soulless, I’m having a hard time finding something that I like in the movie. Even Leto’s presence isn’t as strong as his previous films.

I wish the writing wasn’t lazy. I wish they would’ve put more effort because they have an Academy Award winner as their lead actor. Morbius isn’t fun. It’s dull and a waste of time.


‘Morbius’ is now showing in cinemas and IMAX Theatre from Columbia Pictures Philippines. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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